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lets make your lawn greener, thicker, and lusher

benefits of fertilizing

To keep your lawn green, growing, and looking its best, a consistent program of fertilization is essential. Regular fertilization will lead to a thicker, healthier lawn that reduces erosion, filters pollutants, and provides natural cooling and cleans the air.

Plus, your lawn will be less likely to suffer from weed, insect, and disease problems when it’s fertilized on a regular basis. And perhaps best of all, your lawn will need less water when it gets the nutrients it needs throughout the year.

What's in Fertilizer, Anyway?

Fertilizer contains three primary (and many secondary) nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen promotes strong color and top growth, phosphorus stimulates root development, and potassium helps with disease resistance and water retention. For best results, your lawn should be given these nutrients in evenly spaced treatments throughout the year.